Imagina Financia Inmuebles, S.L.U. is a real estate services firm comprised of a team of professionals with a solid legal background and extensive experience in both the real estate and banking sectors.

The final objective of Imagina Financia Inmuebles, S.L.U. is to offer the best option for all those customers who are interested in locating a good real estate investment opportunity in Spain. At the same time, it provides diverse options to those who simply seek a home or second home.

The stock we offer comes not only from individuals but also from companies and banking entities, of which we are partners.

Imagina Financia Inmuebles, S.L.U. in each operation, he undertakes an exhaustive study of the buyer’s profile in order to offer the real estate product that he demands. The seller takes the opportunity to contact an extensive network of potential buyers, thus facilitating not only the sale but the reduction of time.

In addition, our team offers legal advice in all necessary administrative and legal procedures that are necessary throughout the purchase process. Often the real estate is subject to legal problems that prevent its availability. We can help you «disentangle» the situation. In short, we try to complete the operation 100% without leaving «loose ends» pending. In this way, all the procedures related to the operation are settled with a single professional, which undoubtedly makes costs cheaper.

Similarly, Imagina Financia Inmuebles, S.L.U. it can help its clients to obtain the financing that best suits their needs by collecting all the necessary information required by banking entities and serving as a professional link between them and these. We can also offer you interior design projects and help you carry out renovations of all kinds that your property may need.


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